What is it ?

skalibs is a package centralizing the free software / open source C development files used for building all software at it contains essentially general-purpose libraries. You will need to install skalibs if you plan to build software. The point is that you won't have to download and compile big libraries, and care about portability issues, everytime you need to build a package: do it only once.

skalibs can also be used as a sound basic start for C development. There are a lot of general-purpose libraries out there; but if your main goal is to produce small and secure C code with a focus on system programming, skalibs might be for you.




skalibs is free software. It is available under the ISC license.



Upgrade notes


Cross-compilation is tricky. skalibs provides system-agnostic interfaces, so all the other packages cross-compile easily; but some effort needs to be made to cross-compile skalibs, see this page.



Similar work

Here are a few other libraries originating from the same place as skalibs, i.e. people start to reuse and package, or rewrite, code from Dan J. Bernstein, and then patch after patch, addition after addition, the code evolves into a project of its own:

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