The s6-svscanctl program

s6-svscanctl sends commands to a running s6-svscan process.


     s6-svscanctl [ -phratszbnNiq0678 ] svscandir

s6-svscanctl sends the given series of commands to the s6-svscan process monitoring the svscandir directory, then exits 0. It exits 111 if it cannot send a command, or 100 if no s6-svscan process is running on svscandir.


Usage examples

 s6-svscanctl -an /service 

Updates the process supervision tree to exactly match the services listed in /service.

 s6-svscanctl -6 /service 

Orders the s6-svscan process monitoring /service to exit in reboot mode: all the supervision tree at /service will be terminated, and s6-svscan will execute into the /service/.s6-svscan/finish script with the reboot argument.


s6-svscanctl writes control commands into the svscandir/.s6-svscan/control FIFO. A s6-svscan process running on svscandir will be listening to this FIFO, and will read and interpret those commands.