Dan Bernstein has been abducted by aliens !!

Yeah, I swear to ya. He has been abducted and replaced by H. J. Lu, or something like that. There is no other explanation to the sudden disturbance in the Force that has occurred.
Here's the fact: the nistp224 package uses stdio instead of DJB's own (much nicer) libraries, like buffer, which he usually includes within his software.

Frightening, isn't it ?

Fortunately, I am here to bring you back to sanity and save the world. I have put together this patch, to be applied to the nistp224-0.75 sources; it will replace the infamous stdio with our well-known, and beloved, buffer, in the nistp224 and nistp224-56 binaries.

Standard (brrrrr) stdio calls, and even a system() (argh !!) still exist in the code; however, they occur only in accuracy, and speed, which are testing and benchmarking utilities -- nothing bad remains in the exported commands, nistp224 and nistp224-56.