The stddjb library interface

libstddjb is the base, and the most important part, of skalibs. It is a general-purpose C library wrapping some system calls, hiding some Unix portability problems, providing some basic low-level buffering functions and string handling, and generally offering a nice API to Unix programming - in many ways nicer and safer than the "standard" Unix APIs like stdio.h.

It is mostly based on some excellent code written and placed into the public domain by D. J. Bernstein.

Every executable from uses libstddjb. This library is where secure, safe and small software starts.




The stddjb.h header is actually a concatenation of other headers; every family of structures and functions has its own header, for clarity.

The following headers are automatically generated at compile-time, when the headers subsystem is made. The stddjb.h file also includes them, and the code they are associated with is part of the stddjb library.

Additionally, stddjb.h also includes the following headers, which are not associated with any code and are mostly self-explanatory: